2017 Dwyer Awards Nomination Process

Thank you for your interest in the Dwyer Awards.  The Dwyer Awards Nomination Process opened on November 21 and closed on December 16, 2016.  Thank you to all of our Dwyer Awards Liaisons, for details on the process please see below.  

If you have any questions please call the Education Foundation office at 561-434-7303 or email DwyerAwards@EducationFoundationPBC.org.  

Thank you! 


Dwyer Awards Liaison Guidelines

These guidelines should be used for each official 2017 Dwyer Awards Category in which your school is eligible to participate.  

*Only the designated Dwyer Liaison may submit nominations for a school. 

  1. Each Dwyer liaison should prepare a list of teachers who have completed three (3) full years of teaching in Palm Beach County. These teachers must have been full-time educators since August 2013. (updated from the original information distributed).

Eligible Staff (See examples, not all subjects are listed):
All full-time, certified teachers who are responsible for impacting student achievement by instructing children in either a traditional or non-traditional classroom setting are eligible to be nominated.  Educators must be certified through the State of Florida.  Candidates must have completed three (3) full years of teaching in Palm Beach County schools, exclusive of the current school year.

Non-Eligible Staff:
Guidance Counselors, Volunteer Coordinators, Parental Liaisons, Reading and Math Coaches, Substitute Teachers, Paraprofessionals and other primarily administrative staff. Past award recipients are not eligible to participate in any category.

How to determine years of service:

  • Union Seniority Date Query will pull up years working in Palm Beach County.
  • PBHR Query will pull up total years of teaching (in and out of PBC).
  • Both Queries can be found in the School Secretary Query Folder.
  1. A two-ballot selection system is recommended though not mandatory. For the first ballot, a list of eligible teachers would be distributed to the instructional staff. Their votes on this ballot would reduce the number of candidates in each category to the top two or three. In the second ballot, the instructional staff would choose a nominee. Administrators, guidance counselors, central or area staff and paraprofessionals are not eligible to vote on either ballot.
  1. Tally the votes to determine the nominees. Only one nominee per eligible category will be considered. Multiple nominees in the same category will be disqualified. If a teacher is nominated in more than one category, that teacher will be disqualified.
  1. The Dwyer liaison must submit nominations online through the 2017 Dwyer Awards Nomination Form by 5pm on Friday, December 16, 2016.  The Education Foundation will follow-up with each nominee and send them a link to begin the online application process the following week.
  1. Each nominee will receive a link to the online application process and must complete their submission no later than Friday, January 20, 2017 @ 12:00 am (midnight).
  1. Register for the Dwyer Awards!  We hope to see you on the evening of Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at the Kravis Center.  More event information can be found at: EducationFoundationPBC.org/Dwyer-Awards